Monday, September 25, 2006

Sunday, September 24, 2006


We are not actually ****** .. Just posing like we are..


this was after the *** pose..... Impatient like we always are..

The guys were impatient and had moved on by then...
i'd like to be in snap with a background like this....
anyways.. u cant click @ also be in d snap..

Me.. (i told Karthik how to shoot this)
Me.. (i told Karthik how to shoot this)

This is us

Kollur (surroundings)

Kollur... The Beauty Surrounding it....

GoA (The Drive)

The Drive through the forest Kollur

(Westren Ghats @ its Best)

At some points Visibility was less than 15 Feet..
Hard to decide
Watch Nature / the road ahead


I will be posting a series of Photographs.
If you want any of the photos to be removed mail / Call / SMS me..
I will deliberately making the photos containing people as low resolution / introduce errors / smudging.
So before making any request.. have a good look @ the photograph in question.

Yes i'll also add photos if requested,
in case i've not shot that perticular one.. details of who .. will be included

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