Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bird Watching

This post is entirely from Venkat's Sony-H5
^^ visit the above link
Since it was a Monday, we hardly found any "BiRdS"
We went there to Shoot some of the Avian kind, but soon found out even the young female homo sapiens were a rarity on a monday morning and we finally settled for some flowers trees benches dogs ... CONFUSED??? just scroll down

PS: there were two cameras & 3 photographers involved, so look out for watermarks ;)

btw this is BABA (Deepak R) with his SLR
(His photos http://picasaweb.google.com/deepak.0829/LalbhagShootout?authkey=cPfPzSg-IcU)

BABA @ his Best ;)

As u can see this one is one of KitKat's works... oops!! Dr. Venkatdeep Mohan.
Actually most of these are his... (i'll make sure to POINT OUT MINE he he he) http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/venkat1412/ShootoutAtLalbagh?authkey=oOu8-DMZMfE

Santosh & NonSense (Tejas Rao)

Nonsense, KitKat, MEEEEEEE, BABA

Santosha tooo happy to give a Shaadi.com POSE

A flower bed

LOOK even i have TaLLenT

Too many cooks doesn't always spoil d broth......

The only bird i could recognise (A DUCK)

just a Squirill i guess

I Love DOGS, even taking MugShots of them..



Our Attempts to find some WiLd LiFe

A Classic......

A Duck.... Ugly duckling????? NAAAAA

the Bird Watching GANG
Dr.Deepak R, Dr.Santosh, Sukla M C, Tejas Rao, Dr.Venkatdeep Mohan