Sunday, December 23, 2012

Delhi 16-12-2012

Here while I sit a week after 16/12, I realise this is the time where it all happened, or as I check the time maybe the time where it all ended. the girl full of dreams and responsibilities being torn apart, quite literally and dumped on the street.

Yes, I am referring to the Gang RAPE incident.

Delhi, the farthest city which my mom travelled to quite often over the last year and a half. The city I wanted to explore a lot more. A city whose surroundings I still want to visit, photograph, and capture in my memory.

First it came across a daily news item, a headline on my phone, feeling bad as usual, not an inspiration for any action. It was a headline, which surprised me for that was almost a daily occurrence at the rape capital.

Rape Capital - a label to be ashamed of, for that's also the capital of my country.

Dear friend, wait and look how fast / how content / at ease we are once we put a "label".

Label/No-Label :::: Statistics/reality says a lot, and numbers don't lie.

Open your eye, look around you, lean back !  now again look around you.
I am keeping my eyes on Delhi, I looked around, looked back from my memories of Delhi, and what was Delhi made up of, and what's around Delhi.

Down south in relatively nice and safe Bangalore. A single guy sitting writing his blog post, awaiting his 30th birthday.
"Hey I'm single, so are many of my friends (guys) my age. My classmates, friends are all either started delivering kids and have even moved on till even their third kid. Ok, the final Batsmen are finally having their wickets fall but still a gap is obvious even as I realise I do know a few single ladies... There are considerably less girls around"

For those of you who still managed to keep your eyes fixed on Delhi, let us make list of some its neighbours

  • Haryana
  • Punjab
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Uttarakhand
  • Bihar ??
Do you know geography ?? that may be your question right now. But was just making a wild guess of the origin of a bulk of Delhi's migrants. Speaking of migrants I'm not referring to not ones with white collar jobs but the more visible and yet insignificant, lifeline but the significant unimportant people like the rickshaw wallas, labourers, small time labourers etc.

PS: I did a quick look up at the sex-ratios  (obvious thing rite)

Now Eureka!! I found another root cause of the problem, the lack of girls/women ...
Wait, that's half of the problem.
All the 6 were really backward/poor who would have married them, poor lonely guys 
Oh! wait late in the night, a girl with a guy... ah haa... 
Oh! these politicians, only concerned about their security, is any cop left to protect the aam (mango) admi
Oh! there unruly illiterate (and literate) pigs men

I can go on and on. Finding more reasons to justify explain what happened on the fateful night and why, how to prevent. A thesis too may actually be helpful.

Ohhh!! WTF (What the Fuck)
  • A Kid was raped inside a store (while the shopkeeper's friends diverted the relatives of the girl who came looking for her)
  • A middle aged woman was drugged and raped in Delhi 
 (a gang rape, at a time when when prisoners are making one of the accused eat excreta & drink urine, forget harsh sentence, a jail ready to tear you apart is not deterring some assoles)

Even with the country burning with disgust, more incidents are making it to the the headlines
  • Will anything ever change ??
  • what will deter these cowards.
  • Hopeless Situation is this, totally out of any sense of repair.

Without much further ado, I'll skip to my own little 2 cents worth of thoughts
  • Women want to live, play all the roles they possibly be can be it their hobbies, career, learning, be a kid, be a friend, be a mother, be a winner, be a equal . . .
  • Its high time we (men & women) accepted this and gave the respect, and acceptance to this fact.
  • Its high time we overcame our insecurities
  • Its high time we embraced change
  • Let every girl live, be born, express her possibility fully in this world.

We (including me) are responsible for every atrocity. Its my duty to stand up, You/I may be beaten by the guy in this incident. Me even loose our lives. But what life it is to live of a coward. Live a life for a second than hide for a hundred years.

A Zero Tolerance is what we need to develop.
  • You don't have to get violent / need to.
  • But Never ignore any indecent, speak out, say you disapprove
  • Its not out Govt. / Police / Law that can give us solutions
  • Its high time INDIA stood up for itself.
This girl is standing up for herself, by wanting to live, by caring for her friend even when its hard for her to live, she is voicing out to bring the guilty to justice. THAT MAKES HER A WINNER

Woman, you truly are a man. One I respect and salute.
Your live may never be the same, but girl you are a winner for having come this far.
We are here for you today and when in need

There is hope
  • Thank you countrymen for standing by for standing by a fellow countrymen for what was done to her by some of our own.
  • Her identity is still not been disclosed. Good work (doctors, police)
  • Thanks for offers of help (docs, politicians, public - INDIANS)

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Friends, Crushes, Sisters, Mom ...

Have got to know quite a few, and had lots to learn from all.. A lesson from each, had me appreciate the new one a tad bit more.

Till I got talking to one, whom I assumed being a workaholic, turned out to be a committed, sensitive n adorable little one...
Rare, for I had not found who had the innocent child in them alive.
For I saw strength, fear, compassion, determination and a heart as clear as a child's

I thank you for having got me to take a moment to appreciate & acknowledge all the wonderful women who have made a difference to me.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

100 Experiments . . .

Yes, 100 snaps or a hundred experiments with light, this has been the highlight of my day.
Penned a Independence Day Speech, a baby step which got me as exited as parent watching their child have its first step.
I day I took on something I had once failed at earlier.
Met a baby, a witness to the courage of two people making a resolve to make things work.
A day when I actually felt low, a day where I am ready, desperate and hurting to give up my freedom, my freedom whom many a wish they still had, this prized freedom I so wish to let go, let go so as to to belong to someone other than me and have the other be my own. To be owned I so long, for my loss of freedom is where I find my freedom.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cadaver Organ Donations

A noble cause - may just be a first thought.
But think of this, a family has just hours or minutes to make a decision and yet at the same time go through the shock and emotions
Lets say a leisurely 40hrs, but we need to fit in paper work, procedures bureaucracy (police etc, who at best are as (un)informed as any of us)
I have started work on this and will be sharing my actions & thoughts here.
Meanwhile I request all of you to drop in your views, thoughts, ideas and of-course offers to help in the comments
Stay tuned for updates ...

The Perfect Shot ...

I compare myself and I compare myself a lot...

and I even do this with something I really enjoy doing ... Photography
lost I was for a while of in judging if I'm any good. All I could see was the next improvement, or where I can be better, or what are all that didn't come right and lost I got ...

There's always a be a better shot, a better result abut I got to learn to take and give a little compliment for what I got right or for that little progress and for even those little failures ...

Friday, April 27, 2012

Best Blog(er)

My Best Friend who started her own blog after mine has won a Award for for the Best-Blog in her company :-)

We don't get to see her company blog but sure we cm see this

Maga lets just blog a little more often

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sleeping Protest

If bangalore shutting down by 10p.m was not enough, we now hav e our highways closing shop much early now.

So just tonight I was returning back to Bengaluru after a funeral. I left late to miss the trafic on mysore road..

I wad in for a rude shock to find out my regular pit-stop Mc-D was closed. This place was a real convinient mid way bathroom (snack n drink for me) break for my older co-travellers.

The nxt shocker was to find d 24x7 CCD closed (KFC had a little chicken left though)

POINT is this, this will get much worse over time, a break after a few hours of driving is necessary (my last night sleep was 3hrs).

Now the rel question is this ?? Which laws apply to Barista ??
Greasing d machinary ??

My silent protest,
Upon entering Bangalore, I gave the cops at the checkpost/point to look after my makeshift nap room
Aka my car

With my complaint for a necessity voiced out.

Time to get crearive and take this on big time and get some results..

Stay tuned ...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The first depressing moment of 2012

Life has its ups and has its downs...
Shouting out my first (major) down of the year ...

A Friend thinking I am judging them ...

  • after all the crap you have told me about your self over the years (while being sober or not)
you think I am judging you and want to prove your point regarding this, the best joke that can ever be

Anger Expressed.... time to move on with life

PS: I am actually feeling Jealous that I'm missing ut on the fun (LoL)