Saturday, December 29, 2007

Life in 192.168.0.x

My network access has been severly restricted. Just after i decided to ditch Windows Xp to move on to the "Safest Windows Ever". My BSNL Line went dead. . . .
Well since i was also in no mood for a Major REINSTALL, i just went for basic setup . . . .
(I Have Linux for all my Emergencies)

Well "The Safest Windows Ever" . . . . kept up to its reputation . . .
It just cannot stop a simple Script on a PEN Drive from AutoRunning and ended up having a cold . . er!! i mean a virus . . . .
One thing i noticed is, it is It is easy to detect programs running in the background . . . .
And as usual the security features make it one notch tougher to clean a Virus . . But i must agree it does make it a little tweny weeny bit simpler to detect ..

Welll no SHOWEY CRAP or some SMART A** comments ... i dont want to spent too much money on a "Web HUT" ...

A Happy New year to all my friends and readers here . . . .
Have a great year ahead
God Bless

Thursday, December 20, 2007

System Errors

Thank you . . . .
Can you please tell me what's wrong . . .


If you are wondering "Why am i not seeing TCP/IP" . . . Must be some error
There isn't any error here . . . .

Was there a time
Was there a time, when you sent a Message
Was there a time, when you made a call
Was there a time . . . . . . , Was there a time . . . . .

And time went by, without a reply . . . . .


A Confused Person (CP) 's chat with a Problem Solver (PS)

CP: I communicate with my friends . . .
CP: I know they get my mesages
CP: Sooner or later they read it , , , , my Friends are busy people
PS: hmmm
CP: . . . its like
PS: Whats bothring you
CP: Its just this... I used to be so lost in myself i never used to talk much with others
PS: Ok
CP: Now that i talk, i sort of freak out when i do not get an instant reply
CP: Or say a reply within a reasonable time
CP: I am in doubt if my message reached my friends, I , , I , , , , , , I , , ,
PS: Calm down, . . . Calm Down, . ...........


PS (Problem Solver) to the friends of (Confused Person) :

Dear friends,
My friend is just undergoing some change, i kno its for good. I have a request from you people. Just try and ACKNOWLEDGE his communications. A SMS, an sms with just a smiley, a frown, a call back, a missed call, a Voice, Sound, Text, Mail, Scrap anything you can send back in the time you have . . .
My friend here just needs to know he is heard . . . If you do not have the time to chat with him, just leave him a little sign to kno he is heard as early as possible.
"Confused Person" could be anybody around us, it could be me, it could be you at times.
I Promise to make an effort to reply to all communications made to me.
A small reply, or whatever i can do in the time i have
(PS: Emoticons are very effictive)
Let us make a little more time to all the Confused People
I have spoken to "CP" he has agreed to be calm, chilled out . . . . . not to keep worrying 24x7

Wikipidia articles on TCP & UDP i which PS used to Explain ACKNOLEDGE concept to CP
. . . . . let him know he needs to put in the effort, and also ask for help . . .

Friday, December 14, 2007

In Fear . . . . In Trust . . .

In fear we live, think we live.
But in fear we die.
In Trust we live
We Live Life

In fear you shrink, in fear you are blinded
In Trust you bloom, in Trust you open
For in Trust You are You

Woven we are in fear, in trust
Untangle the fibers . . .
Trust the Trust and keep the fibers of Trust
Put to rest the fibers of fear

.... .... .... .... .... ....

I dedicate the above lines to a "Monk" for helping me make sense of my fear and my trust.
And i hereby heed to a simple request to share a few of our chat lines with the world
(try this when you are overcome by fear)

Monk: go within urself
Monk: watch ur thoughts like u watch traffic
Monk: let thoughts pass
Monk: u will find within urself stillness and peace
Monk: and once u are stabilisied in that
Monk: u work hard confident of ur trust
Monk: u will succeed

. . . . . . .

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Trust . . .

What is trust capable of
Is it something you have for someone or something someone has for you
Have you ever experienced receiving trust unconditionally
Have you explored the vastness of the trust placed in you

Is trust a freedom or a leash
I have seen trust as a guiding light, a leash to keep me on my path
A space for me to explore, to stretch my wings
A new form of trust i have seen, a trust which i can compare to a school
A school, a place, a space, where i can fall, raise, live, enjoy, share . . . . . .
I speak of a trust which has provided me with my playground, my place to try

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Fear . . . . .

Scenario 1:
Bro @ the wheels of ma Indigo
Ma_Voice1: this guy is Scaring d S*** out of me at just 80Kmph. . .
Ma_Voice2: must be since its 10 in d night on d Highway. . U B****y go over 100 all d time.
Ma_Voice1: I may be FAST, not reckless/ like HIM, i am more . . . . . .

Scenario 2:
After a couple of small nicks that my Pit Bull Terrier put on my leg.
Ma_Voice1: Damn Go get Vaccinated, this pup still hasn't got his
Ma_Voice2: Chill, a rabid dog had earlier licked u crazy, suckled on ur fingers. God knows if u washed your hands before eating. U must be immune to that damn virus, U even grew up with a dog . . . . . . . .

Hmmmmm . . . . . Couple of incidents which actually got me scared.
FEAR for a guy who is known to be quite reckless on d road, bla bla bla

There was a point in time, not so long long ago, where in this soul hated itself, given up on the hope of having a normal life, life's little happiness (for reasons not so important for the current context/STORY) . . . . . Then came along HOPE, (I can say supply for hope was always there, BUT in came a CATALYST, which speeded up the reactions)

To the point . . . .
The fear (i tried to depict the fear, rather show two scenarios where i felt FEAR recently)
I did feel good since this was a fear which sort of PUSHED me to do things,
IT is a positive fear which feel. There are more goals, more expectations i am looking at.

I want ______________________
Is there a chance ?
When do i do something about it

Ma_Voice1: I am not sure about something.
Ma_Voice2: Take Time.
Ma_Voice1: time is not the source for concern, Do i have a chance? at least a sign of HOPE which says give it a shot . . . .

Saturday, December 08, 2007

From the Archives . . . .

This is from the GoA Collection
Waseem this one's for u Buddy
I'm proud to have a friend like you

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Life ! ! !

This is one post, where i am still confused as to what TITLE do i give, Decided on "LIFE ! ! !"
the same goes to the content, so i'll just put a bullet to differentiate between various different issues.

before i go into the whole " ", . . . . . past couple of my days were spent in trying to buy a piece of agricultural land, SO!! this post is about life away from the busy city.

Do I like being in the city ?
Yes! I prefer to WORK here
I like the people here

Do I like to live away from the city?
Yes! I prefer to LIVE here
I HATE the people here

The questions above were just to get your attention,
What I want to highlight is a GROWING TREND in many rural areas,

  • ISSUE - 1

I've not started "Working" as yet & still have got the "Student" tag attached to me. . . . I do manage to earn once in a while out of my petty jobs (be it from AdSense, Assembling Computers, etc etc). There is a satisfaction, happiness, pride that i get with my own money. And even putting in the money i have received from my parents to good use, get returns from it . . . .

Away from the city i see a VOTE BANK, that's what they are being made into. Lost are the values, simplicity i used to hear about people there.
The new breed of villagers, are being made to act as a mere VOTE BANK, they are being FED (food, alcohol, money). Not just during Elections, but year round, Elections are just like the MONSOONS, where there is just plenty.

What I saw were people, with no inclination to put in hard work, they want easy money, alcohol. Hey Live Enjoy TODAY, and not their life (in the long term). I see them taking GOVERNMENT LOANS, SUBSIDIES, state (TaxPayer's Money) and waiting it to be WRITTEN OFF. Also the booming Real Estate prices are also acting as a catalyst to their downfall. A source of easy money, by cashing in a piece of land every few years.

We hear about Farmers ending their lives, I can definitely blame the government on this. Several Areas/reasons like not having COLD STORAGE Facilities. Why is Govt. not focusing on Export / Storage / Better Pricing for Agricultural Products.

Very very very few people work hard in these places now. The farmers get tired of the meager returns they get. They take loans from private lenders and end up in a vicious cycle. THERE ARE NEWER SMARTER FARMERS who now go in only for Government Loans on their agricultural land (there r loopholes there is nothing like the "Credit Card" type recovery there, Govt. cannot/does not acquire the land of the defaulter, mostly the loan gets subsidised/written off). The precious tax money at work. My very own uncle has this attitude, & btw i can give you enough specimens.

The huge processions which disrupt traffic, Political gatherings . . . . Next time, just keep an eye for the Buses/trucks/trains etc which get in people. TRAINS if u have been lucky enough u will know a Ticket Checker & RPF is no match to 100's 1000's of people who hop in for a free ride. Do you think they care for your RESERVATIONS. They r provided food and money for their little picnics. Do i have to speak of alcohol.

  • Issue - 2

"Constitution of India & Professional Ethics"

Yes I am refering to the extra little thing which students of Professional colleges have to study now. ONE of the BEST thing that is being done to ENLIGHTEN the EDUCATED but IGNORANT masses.

It took me days to make my mom (a Professor in Bangalore University) realise, that now a Rs.2/- document sheet is being used instead of the old system of Stamp Papers, you have to take a D.D. for the duty and present it during registrtions. . . . Courtesy, my uncle who had convinced my mom that we have to take DD, Stamp paper from bank. . . . and all d bribes being paid . . . . . . (i waited till my mom had given up hope of any work/progress happening on the "deal" . . . courtesy my uncle. . . . . )

Once i took charge, my Uncle gor even more drunk, and passed out on the road, i happily left him there after taking the cash from his pockets :D , poor guy lost hope of making moey that day and got himself drunk till he passed out.

I DID not learn this in the CIPE class, but still there is lots of stuff worth having information about, . . . . . ETHICS, i am happy with the rules i live by. no further comment about it

Have a look at what a fellow blogger expected out of the system

  • What can I/WE do

these are just my personal views,

Deve Gowda
(Son of a BITCH, somebody made a mistake by telling Soil, A dog's son is a DOG)
People who support him/believed him go get ur IQ tested

Politicians take your religion and ...............
Make promises on he work you wish to do,
Not wich religion/place of worship you want to promote/build/favour
Religion is for you to follow, DO not promote/favour etc
God is GOD for everyone, whatever you choose to call him/her/the force as

the citizens
before you blame the biggies

this is just a brief trailer, to heat things up a bit. I'll take more specific issues later, so we can have smaller managable chunks to chew upon. Help me by leaving comments,

Crappy Theory [Law of Life after death]

This post of La Vida reminded me of my theory . . . .

which says "Virgin's don't get entry to Heaven"
(the place which is supposed to have lots of pleasures / nice nice things around in there . . . to be honest i don't know what u get there, Haven’t been there u c)

from what little knowledge i have i hear we r the only species which has sex for pleasure (i mean on land. The Dolphins take over d watery part of the planet). So that way i feel it’s a privilege to have some, er! pleasure (read sex) as n when d mind feels like (i mean when d thought & opportunity sort of comes together and things happen/done rather)

so where were we, ya ! ya !
us being d only species . . . . .
so when we die and reach the Pearly gates or finally meet up with d dude YAMA
(YAMAHA, YAMA. . . . some coincidence Hmmmm!!!)
die n get to d gates / meet d dude . . . . . whatever u believe in

me says, We meet up with god who sort of looks @ our performance / score / what we did / did not's to decide where to put us up (Heaven or HELL)

so i'm fearing that if i die a virgin
(i am actually a . . . . , , due to lack / not making use of OPPERTUNITIES, that i have no clue)
so if i die a Virgin, i'm afraid d DUDE (sorry GOD) may say. . . .
Look dude (maga, buddy, friend, son, or whatever he may chose to call me by)
u have not EXPERIENCED the very BASIC of PLEASURES,
if i send you to heaven, what is the guarantee that you are going to make use of all the pleasures there (could be pleasures like NO BOSSES, DEADLINES, STUDIES, pay without work . . . not just S**) when you did not even experience the basic one down on the third rock from the sun (a.k.a PLANET EARTH), i really really doubt it

Dude continues . . . .
that way you better go to hell itself, & Be comfy there . . .
OFF u go to HELL

NEXT ! ! ! ! ! !
God: r u a Virgin
God : HELL
NEXT ! ! ! ! !
God: r u a Virgin
God : Heaven

Request to my lovely (READ: A****E) friends who ask me QUESTIONS about other people's Sex Lives . . . . . . .
3> u'd be better off MINDING YOUR OWN BUISNESS

Hey La Vida, i'm happy no one asked about u, its just about some other pple
Don’t know why i'm getting this idea of asking u questions :D
just kiddin

Monday, November 26, 2007

Pollution @ 12.97 N 77.56 E

Somewhere in some newspaper today i saw . . . .
SPM (suspended particulate matter) toooooo high in Bangalore
Well above the INDIAN Levels/Standards
Indian Standards are way higher than WHO Levels, Bla Bla Bla

My experience(OBSERVATIONS)when i took my 7 year old bike for a Emission test

  1. The operator typed in 1.5 and some other number (350 something) on screen.
  2. The Gas Meter (or whatever its known by)WAS OFF the LCD on it was blank
  3. The Numbers d operator typed were magically same as d ones which got printed
  4. before u ask, he typed even before inserting that pipe of his . . .

On my way back, i stopped went to a Traffic cop, took the emission certificate, and told him what happened, HE just told me to Chill (or maybe he thinks this bike which rips around town @ at least twice the speed limit and and slows down to LEGAL speeds before i can press LOCK on my RADAR, HAS to be well tuned)

thats a very old story, i was caught over speeding long back with a friend twice my size, i had slowed down to 59kmph before he locked me on, . . . . . . . though he was impressed with my ability to handle a 150cc bike with my former SMALL build I am not that much of a rash driver, but definitely a SPEED FREAK.

Well i did go to another station, got another test done. . .

But i miss the times when my bike would just refuse to throw up a reading of "CO" a few years back . . . . . . a reading of 0.06 or 0.1 was would momentarily show. . . . The testing guys had to wait to hit print, he he he
I'd walk out with a big smile
My machine does look a little rusty, but still makes 3 digit numbers on d speedo even now..

i've graduated on to a Tata Indigo now . . . . a Wonderful InterCooled TurboCharged diesel,
but nothing compares to my Silent performer, my Shiny Silver CBZ :)
PS: i even called up a Employee of the "Times of India", never got a call back, Guess they r more interested in those stupid crappy stuff they print

Dear Bangaloreans

  • Avoid Indian Oil outlets (they have d latest tricks to divert your attention)
  • Indian Oil Outlet @ madhavan park, in Jayanagar
    (go there to get a FAKE EMISSION CERTIFICATE)
  • i've Seen . . . .
    • SHELL follow strict rules/procedures
    • Reliance (i don't like d company's practices)
    • HP Getting better, i see a lot of improvement in them
    • BP is good, but experience across different stations varies
    • IOC, gettin better at their con ideas

∞ Photography ∞ TO ∞ Crap From Ma HEAD ∞:

I realised "i can do this CRAP toooo . . . . . " like Everybody does
CRAP Like Writing stuff in their blogs,

Damn i didn't want to miss out on d fun anymore.

So instead of some Rare Update once in a BlueMoon with some nicey nicey pics
. . . . . . .

U ALSO get CRAP From ma HEAD from now on (along with d rare pic updates)

Sukla M C

"i can do this CRAP toooo . . . . . " Dialogue by Achmed d DeaD Terrorist

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bird Watching Take-3 (Outing with d Kiddos. . .)

Early in the Morning

With the boys
Catchin some Rays

Moving on to the Plentiful Squirills

And a Lot of Talking which. . . . better . . Left . . . . . . . . .
The first & third snaps were by the one Who owns the "Sony Cybershot H-9"
Pramuk (Dj-Pom) in the Orange shirt [he is getting packed to Kangroo land as i speak]
[F***** $$$$$$ he bought d cam i was eyeing]
then there is
Rakesh who hopes to StaR in a Colgate Ad
Shashank who is light enough to fly on his own
[they r better known as Rakshasas]
and GiZmO with d Stupid Serious look on his Face

Adios . . . . .

Sorry, we regret for not being to feature the tripod which was below the camera which took this last snap


IEEE Student Leadership Congress 2007

One of my most eventfull journeys

Reached Surathkal @ 5 a.m Sharp, 5.30 Realise return tickets along with my Planner are in the Rajahamsa bus on its way to CDP Depot aka Kundapur depot

Mission Retive Tickets, Planner also (damn thing has too many secrets of mine)

Available Resources

Used tickets (decode KSRTC codes, website url, Call Center number)
N70 With a PostPaid Vodafone connection
GiZmO @ the Job (rather my responisbility to get it Back or arrange alternative)
GiZmO's LifeLines in Bangalore


Early Morning, nobody to receive calls in KSRTC

FAST . . . .F o r w a r d . . .

9.40 A.M

Tickets back in GiZmO's hand in Surathkal (with the planner)

Who were given a little extra work early in the morning ;)

That was just the begining for you guys . . . . . .
An Adventure that was

On d way back

(a traffic Jam which lasted the whole night almost delaying us by just 6 hrs approx)

In the Morning

UPPi Dada

This post is just to let the world know that, Uppi Dada (aka Karthik Upadhya) sometimess does eat food...

PS: the fact remains that he hardly does. . . .
FACT: this was captured inside the BOARD room, while food is from the Famous "JSSATE Canteen" was being served.

JSSATEians i leave it to u guys to have a further discussion on this topic

Monday, October 22, 2007

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

BiRd Watching @ Lalbag Part - 2

BUSTED ! ! !
The Great Photography team caught in the act . . .

The beautiful flowers, fresh air, scenery, people, laughter, fun, exercise and of course the “BiRdS” of Lalbag were so compelling that Venkat’s Camera set out on a new quest
BiRd Watching @ Lalbag Part - 2
this time with a couple of new people who were impressed big time with our first edition.

This is What happened when we set out with KitKat's
Sony Cybershot H5 Camera.
Having 7.2 Mega Pixels Sensor, 12x Optical ZooM, etc etc etc.
Made it to Lalbag at around 6.30 in the Morning.

We were caught in the act
NOT Just Once ....... but
.... But ...... but if u are lost on what really went on
& wondering who is this weird GiRL donning this huge SmiLe on her face

Why we we have put up a Pic of being a caught in the act

NO!! NO!!! NO!!!! She is not happy that she got a good snap of the “BiRd Watchers”
And made us post the pics of all our MisDeeds
Sorry!!! for the Let down. Nothing Spicy here,

Just welcome my Guitar Class friends.
Seema from my Guitar class, me and our Sumanth Sir, The teacher for d day..

On Photography (not BiRd Watching), and definitely not another Guitar Class.

By d Philosopher. . . . .

To his Disciples . . .
For d day . . .
In the Classroom . . .
On the Subject . . .

Ok!! Ok!! let take a break and move on to a couple of lessons . . .

Another break from d usual Birds, bees, bla bla flowers,
to pics ;)

(in alphabetical order, PS: we tried all orders to get our photogenic friend on d top)

The tall eligible bachelor, whom every girl falls for

And Finally... ( $!*#! Escaped being on top)

PS: People who have fallen for any body above, just leave a comment, we may actually get back to you.

Let me just call up . . .
Hello MoM ! ! !

Now that we r in Xtra Time (thanks to mom)

No Birds yet, let’s just settle with d bee . . .

Meanwhile lets just also meet our Long Distance runner . . . .

Before we get back to the flowers

Let's rest for a while. . . .

we still have our Obsession with Empty Benches . . .
Stumped ! ! ! i'm tired of all d benches
I wonder what thoughts he may have in his Head ? SUDDENLY

Back to our Blog's new OFFICIAL StaR Attraction . . .

Leader of d laughter club . . .
Just tired of Laughing
She just loves to Pose . . .
Hey!!! Seema, we came here to capture d flower show REMEMBER!

Definitely much better Now ....

Better head home before Seema gets angry...

Thanks to
Venkat (for d camera), Sumanth (for all d Lessons),
Seema (for Demanding a Part-2), Sukla (Me obviously for making it happen)

The pictures in this particular post, is a collection of a couple of visits to Lalbag. I/We were disappointed with the flower show inside the Glass House.
Due to the missing Screens the flowers dried up and looked lifeless this time, also what we missed were the rains, which kept the flowers full of life.

Big Cheers to the Horticulture Department,WE enjoyed and everyone who saw our pictures loved them.
There are several instances where people just could not believe our Lalbag in Namma Bengalooru is so beautiful.
A big thanks to every one @ Lalbag. You Have done an Amazing job this time :-)

Just have a look at these collections also.