Thursday, December 20, 2007


If you are wondering "Why am i not seeing TCP/IP" . . . Must be some error
There isn't any error here . . . .

Was there a time
Was there a time, when you sent a Message
Was there a time, when you made a call
Was there a time . . . . . . , Was there a time . . . . .

And time went by, without a reply . . . . .


A Confused Person (CP) 's chat with a Problem Solver (PS)

CP: I communicate with my friends . . .
CP: I know they get my mesages
CP: Sooner or later they read it , , , , my Friends are busy people
PS: hmmm
CP: . . . its like
PS: Whats bothring you
CP: Its just this... I used to be so lost in myself i never used to talk much with others
PS: Ok
CP: Now that i talk, i sort of freak out when i do not get an instant reply
CP: Or say a reply within a reasonable time
CP: I am in doubt if my message reached my friends, I , , I , , , , , , I , , ,
PS: Calm down, . . . Calm Down, . ...........


PS (Problem Solver) to the friends of (Confused Person) :

Dear friends,
My friend is just undergoing some change, i kno its for good. I have a request from you people. Just try and ACKNOWLEDGE his communications. A SMS, an sms with just a smiley, a frown, a call back, a missed call, a Voice, Sound, Text, Mail, Scrap anything you can send back in the time you have . . .
My friend here just needs to know he is heard . . . If you do not have the time to chat with him, just leave him a little sign to kno he is heard as early as possible.
"Confused Person" could be anybody around us, it could be me, it could be you at times.
I Promise to make an effort to reply to all communications made to me.
A small reply, or whatever i can do in the time i have
(PS: Emoticons are very effictive)
Let us make a little more time to all the Confused People
I have spoken to "CP" he has agreed to be calm, chilled out . . . . . not to keep worrying 24x7

Wikipidia articles on TCP & UDP i which PS used to Explain ACKNOLEDGE concept to CP
. . . . . let him know he needs to put in the effort, and also ask for help . . .


La vida Loca said...

Yenu aaitu? atleast email maadi helu..u r freaking me out

Unknown said...

will tell u will tell u

Unknown said...

La vida ..
I try to hide identities.. here
but for some its just plain obvious ..
dont let everyone know ashte