Saturday, December 01, 2007

Life ! ! !

This is one post, where i am still confused as to what TITLE do i give, Decided on "LIFE ! ! !"
the same goes to the content, so i'll just put a bullet to differentiate between various different issues.

before i go into the whole " ", . . . . . past couple of my days were spent in trying to buy a piece of agricultural land, SO!! this post is about life away from the busy city.

Do I like being in the city ?
Yes! I prefer to WORK here
I like the people here

Do I like to live away from the city?
Yes! I prefer to LIVE here
I HATE the people here

The questions above were just to get your attention,
What I want to highlight is a GROWING TREND in many rural areas,

  • ISSUE - 1

I've not started "Working" as yet & still have got the "Student" tag attached to me. . . . I do manage to earn once in a while out of my petty jobs (be it from AdSense, Assembling Computers, etc etc). There is a satisfaction, happiness, pride that i get with my own money. And even putting in the money i have received from my parents to good use, get returns from it . . . .

Away from the city i see a VOTE BANK, that's what they are being made into. Lost are the values, simplicity i used to hear about people there.
The new breed of villagers, are being made to act as a mere VOTE BANK, they are being FED (food, alcohol, money). Not just during Elections, but year round, Elections are just like the MONSOONS, where there is just plenty.

What I saw were people, with no inclination to put in hard work, they want easy money, alcohol. Hey Live Enjoy TODAY, and not their life (in the long term). I see them taking GOVERNMENT LOANS, SUBSIDIES, state (TaxPayer's Money) and waiting it to be WRITTEN OFF. Also the booming Real Estate prices are also acting as a catalyst to their downfall. A source of easy money, by cashing in a piece of land every few years.

We hear about Farmers ending their lives, I can definitely blame the government on this. Several Areas/reasons like not having COLD STORAGE Facilities. Why is Govt. not focusing on Export / Storage / Better Pricing for Agricultural Products.

Very very very few people work hard in these places now. The farmers get tired of the meager returns they get. They take loans from private lenders and end up in a vicious cycle. THERE ARE NEWER SMARTER FARMERS who now go in only for Government Loans on their agricultural land (there r loopholes there is nothing like the "Credit Card" type recovery there, Govt. cannot/does not acquire the land of the defaulter, mostly the loan gets subsidised/written off). The precious tax money at work. My very own uncle has this attitude, & btw i can give you enough specimens.

The huge processions which disrupt traffic, Political gatherings . . . . Next time, just keep an eye for the Buses/trucks/trains etc which get in people. TRAINS if u have been lucky enough u will know a Ticket Checker & RPF is no match to 100's 1000's of people who hop in for a free ride. Do you think they care for your RESERVATIONS. They r provided food and money for their little picnics. Do i have to speak of alcohol.

  • Issue - 2

"Constitution of India & Professional Ethics"

Yes I am refering to the extra little thing which students of Professional colleges have to study now. ONE of the BEST thing that is being done to ENLIGHTEN the EDUCATED but IGNORANT masses.

It took me days to make my mom (a Professor in Bangalore University) realise, that now a Rs.2/- document sheet is being used instead of the old system of Stamp Papers, you have to take a D.D. for the duty and present it during registrtions. . . . Courtesy, my uncle who had convinced my mom that we have to take DD, Stamp paper from bank. . . . and all d bribes being paid . . . . . . (i waited till my mom had given up hope of any work/progress happening on the "deal" . . . courtesy my uncle. . . . . )

Once i took charge, my Uncle gor even more drunk, and passed out on the road, i happily left him there after taking the cash from his pockets :D , poor guy lost hope of making moey that day and got himself drunk till he passed out.

I DID not learn this in the CIPE class, but still there is lots of stuff worth having information about, . . . . . ETHICS, i am happy with the rules i live by. no further comment about it

Have a look at what a fellow blogger expected out of the system

  • What can I/WE do

these are just my personal views,

Deve Gowda
(Son of a BITCH, somebody made a mistake by telling Soil, A dog's son is a DOG)
People who support him/believed him go get ur IQ tested

Politicians take your religion and ...............
Make promises on he work you wish to do,
Not wich religion/place of worship you want to promote/build/favour
Religion is for you to follow, DO not promote/favour etc
God is GOD for everyone, whatever you choose to call him/her/the force as

the citizens
before you blame the biggies

this is just a brief trailer, to heat things up a bit. I'll take more specific issues later, so we can have smaller managable chunks to chew upon. Help me by leaving comments,


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Somebody's angry!

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Somebody WHO??

YA!!the anger is there. More so coz i cannot ignore or avoid it.