Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Fear . . . . .

Scenario 1:
Bro @ the wheels of ma Indigo
Ma_Voice1: this guy is Scaring d S*** out of me at just 80Kmph. . .
Ma_Voice2: must be since its 10 in d night on d Highway. . U B****y go over 100 all d time.
Ma_Voice1: I may be FAST, not reckless/ like HIM, i am more . . . . . .

Scenario 2:
After a couple of small nicks that my Pit Bull Terrier put on my leg.
Ma_Voice1: Damn Go get Vaccinated, this pup still hasn't got his
Ma_Voice2: Chill, a rabid dog had earlier licked u crazy, suckled on ur fingers. God knows if u washed your hands before eating. U must be immune to that damn virus, U even grew up with a dog . . . . . . . .

Hmmmmm . . . . . Couple of incidents which actually got me scared.
FEAR for a guy who is known to be quite reckless on d road, bla bla bla

There was a point in time, not so long long ago, where in this soul hated itself, given up on the hope of having a normal life, life's little happiness (for reasons not so important for the current context/STORY) . . . . . Then came along HOPE, (I can say supply for hope was always there, BUT in came a CATALYST, which speeded up the reactions)

To the point . . . .
The fear (i tried to depict the fear, rather show two scenarios where i felt FEAR recently)
I did feel good since this was a fear which sort of PUSHED me to do things,
IT is a positive fear which feel. There are more goals, more expectations i am looking at.

I want ______________________
Is there a chance ?
When do i do something about it

Ma_Voice1: I am not sure about something.
Ma_Voice2: Take Time.
Ma_Voice1: time is not the source for concern, Do i have a chance? at least a sign of HOPE which says give it a shot . . . .

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