Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sleeping Protest

If bangalore shutting down by 10p.m was not enough, we now hav e our highways closing shop much early now.

So just tonight I was returning back to Bengaluru after a funeral. I left late to miss the trafic on mysore road..

I wad in for a rude shock to find out my regular pit-stop Mc-D was closed. This place was a real convinient mid way bathroom (snack n drink for me) break for my older co-travellers.

The nxt shocker was to find d 24x7 CCD closed (KFC had a little chicken left though)

POINT is this, this will get much worse over time, a break after a few hours of driving is necessary (my last night sleep was 3hrs).

Now the rel question is this ?? Which laws apply to Barista ??
Greasing d machinary ??

My silent protest,
Upon entering Bangalore, I gave the cops at the checkpost/point to look after my makeshift nap room
Aka my car

With my complaint for a necessity voiced out.

Time to get crearive and take this on big time and get some results..

Stay tuned ...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The first depressing moment of 2012

Life has its ups and has its downs...
Shouting out my first (major) down of the year ...

A Friend thinking I am judging them ...

  • after all the crap you have told me about your self over the years (while being sober or not)
you think I am judging you and want to prove your point regarding this, the best joke that can ever be

Anger Expressed.... time to move on with life

PS: I am actually feeling Jealous that I'm missing ut on the fun (LoL)