Thursday, December 03, 2009

GO OPEN (Bringing Free & Open Software to all)

Bringing Free & Open Software to all

This is a project i have taken up as a part of my SELP Program (where I am a Coach)
There are hundreds of projects which the Participants, their Coaches (like me) and even the Program Leader take up. The Little timer which shows the time at a signal for the lights to go green is a result of one such project.

The Objective of my Project is to
  • Take Open Software to EVERYONE
  • Most Open/Free is available for ZERO COST, the greater objective is to get/take a complete SUITE of Applications available in one place
  • We have something already available OPEN DISK (Ready Made)
  • This contains A Complete Suite of applications from Browsers, Media Players, Chat, Office Suite, Audio Editor, Games, etc. (almost an application for your every need).
  • Some Like TurboCash (an alternative or something comparable to tally) might be missing.
  • But I/We are here to put in the missing bits :-)
  • NOW Imagine
  • Regular People - Just getting their work done (For FREE)
  • Nerds (n WannaBE Nerds) - Can make a wonderful start to their careers looking into the code we normal wouldn't have wouldn't have no clue of.
  • Non-Geeks can even translate to have the interface available in local languages for EXAMPLE
  • The possibilities are endless . . .
  • There are more objectives
  • IS Distribution of Software is the only thing ?
  • What is the Concept of "OPEN" ?
  • What is available, Who can contribute, Can i Just Use
  • Wikipedia, Google Wave (something from the same philosophy)
  • For ME
  • Its a passion
  • A passion which i can use as an excuse to keep in touch with my friends.
  • Don't Know What else :-)

BTW : This project is not mine; ITS OURS 

This post will be constantly EDITED to reflect changes made by me/others on GOOGLE-WAVE
Just leave a comment to get involved :-)

i'll do something about the formatting soon (bullets / indent), as of now this is a copy paste with a little loss of formatting

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Those Things

  1. Those Funny Stunts.
  2. @ Break neck speed
  3. With he Wind in my Face.
  4. & The pain of Rain hitting my face.
  5. To the Morning Walks,
  6. Photographs.
  7. PJ's
  8. & Classes
  9. with Laughs
  10. n Meeting that sweet smile
  11. To Dreams,
  12. Aims,
  13. Memories,
  14. Achievements
  15. . . .

And so life moves on

PS: I am really in the mood for a comeback

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Photocopy of your Credit/Debit Card

A bank advising merchants to keep a copy of

Yes, & allow merchants to make ONLINE TRASACTIONS ON YOUR CARD . . . 

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Dirty Politics . . .

Farm Loans @ 4%
When i can already get them @ 3%
Whatte Gimmic . . .

Promising to get money back from Swiss Banks ...
When the world is looking @ putting an end to Tax Heavens  . . .

let me see see if i can make a compilation of all gimics

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Dirty Politics


I do not like you for one reason.
You Damage the UNITY of this country.

Personally I do have few more reasons,
  • I have noticed an increase in corruption of late
  • I have been asked "which caste do you belong to" a lot often, by people who should be least bothered about it.
  • The lady who gets a push cart to Iron Clothes in my street is told to "IRON our Clothes LAST"
  • The Housemaid at my aunt's place just quit her job when she overheard which caste we belonged to (she stopped mopping the floor, started demanding the salary, so that she could leave)

I have seen such things happen with not the "ordinary" people, but people who have acomplished quite a bit in their lives. 

Really makes me wonder . . .

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Blogers Block

NO NO NO .... It is not that i have run out of ideas or things to blog about..
Just a little short on time :-(

Some the stars from the star party can be found here

Let me find time to see what is left of the spiders in my camera...  time

btw i need a list of MOVIES , I am making a compilation for a friend
(one movie every week, but i am giving a DVD full of DIVX/avi's every week ... so a liitle help for my little playlist would be great)

I noticed my COMICS gadget is not Working ... :-( bad bad news :-(
till i get them back have a laugh at these


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Out of Town . . .

I have some photographs after a very very long time . . . .
But :-(    ....    :-(    .... I am not in Bangalore ...

So just wait for some STARS n SPIDERS ;)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Keep Politics Away From My Blog

I am totally disappointed seeing ads for a political leader on my blog . . .
Courtesy : AdSense
My First reaction was to Put in Key Words to block out such ads ....

But later Decided against it ....
So Click on ...  Click Click Click ....

& Let me get so of their moolah!!!   LoL

PS:  The ads may keep changing (the ad i saw may not be what you see)....   I do not want to get into a war (I Block, they change key words .....  )  .....  So my practical solution DeFraud them

Friday, January 09, 2009

My First Award

Thank you LaVida for the Award ...
I want to pass this on to a few bloggers. . .
But Before I Give out my Awards . . . . . . I Want to wake up a few of them