Sunday, March 08, 2009

Dirty Politics


I do not like you for one reason.
You Damage the UNITY of this country.

Personally I do have few more reasons,
  • I have noticed an increase in corruption of late
  • I have been asked "which caste do you belong to" a lot often, by people who should be least bothered about it.
  • The lady who gets a push cart to Iron Clothes in my street is told to "IRON our Clothes LAST"
  • The Housemaid at my aunt's place just quit her job when she overheard which caste we belonged to (she stopped mopping the floor, started demanding the salary, so that she could leave)

I have seen such things happen with not the "ordinary" people, but people who have acomplished quite a bit in their lives. 

Really makes me wonder . . .


Whencutdeep said...

If you're bothered about the ads, you could do one of two things...

1.remove them from the blog.

2.use the adword filter, i think theres a way you can filter the ads that appear on your site.

Besides, the ads are based on keywords used in your blog, so if you talk about politics or mention assured thts the ad thts gonna appear.

As for caste based politics... I have nothing much to say or add. One cannot change the system, one can only change oneself. Be the change you want to see. No one ever asks which caste Gandhi belonged to. No one ever mentions which caste Ambedkar belongs to. As long as you keep bothered about things that dont matter, its what you pretty much end up with.

Cheers amigo

Unknown said...

moron look at my previous post, the one I made once the ads started ...

Unknown said...

Maccha When Cut,
I really give a damn about which caste anybody belongs to.

Btw the funniest part about this caste thingy ...

What I usually get asked is:
if I am a -
Madhava OR ...
Something similar

So in one sense hardly anybody can figure out which caste i belong to.
They actually think I am one of them and ask me these questions.

Get the Sense of Irony here ...

btw my aunt who I have mentioned..
People of Mysore like her house so much that i have seen at least 4 to 5 houses who have copied the DESIGN/ELEVATION ... and a couple of them even got the same contractor to build for them.

Being Bothered
Raising my Voice

Anonymous said...


Me too... I get mistaken for person belonging to a different caste...I dont care though!

Unknown said...

@La Vida ...