Saturday, May 04, 2013


Tomorrow many of you are going to vote.

ASTHA makes a request 

Please answer these questions about your polling booths and send it to
  1. Name of the constituency 
  2. Polling booth name
  3. Was it accessible to people with disability
               If yes - pls share briefly
               If no - pls share how was it

If possible can u have pic ( u can use your mobile )

This information will be used to positively

One more request 
Please share this appeal on your page and all your social medias
Your one action will go a long way in supporting millions of people.

Thank you

(from one of my great friends  ... Sunil)

Choosing a better demon ..

Well, i guess this the most apt statement statement which I feel anybody in Karnataka can agree to today. With the voting set to kick off in a few hours.


Use the link above to search and find out about your candidate. (you can find their nominations there), i went to the extent to digging up what their net worth (assets, liabilities), prior experience, education , what are they promising etc.

This blog post is in response to a good friend of mine prompting me to vote for a party since his "Uncle" was the contestant.

Today I see a newspaper article where he promises to rejuvenate the lakes in South bangalore, and asks us to go visit one such lake as a proof of his achievement.

I almost lost my temper, as I have been following the happenings of this lake
(I remembered this lake has been developed by donations and not government funds)

My friend had one reason - Everybody eats.
I still haven't got a response for a few questions i posted to my dear friend .... there aren't any

So what...
I have a little request from all

  1. Take time out (30 mins), get online, search about the candidates contesting from your area.
  2. Make a choice
  3. Leadership, Integrity, ethics.
  4. Do not vote for someone if it benefits you, ask yourself - Is this person going to make a difference to my constituency, my state or my country.
  5. Do vote, or go to the polling booth and record your choice not to vote.
  6. Remember it is we who are responsible in electing our leaders. Do not put the blame that all the leaders are like this.
  7. When my grandfather was faced with this choice he chose to stand for elections himself ( so do not say there is no capable / good leader). It is we who do not have the courage to stand for what we want.
All the best, do fulfill your duty tomorrow.

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