Friday, December 19, 2008

iPhone 3g UNLOCK

Well Well Well !!
The Wait Almost seems to be over.

You have Waited this Long . . . . .
Now   . . . . . . Just Wait a Little More

iPhone-Dev-Team   is releasing the FIRST UNLOCK for the iPhone 3G by New-Year's Eve.

For all those of you who asked me (over the phone/chat) about the iPhone 3G unlock etc etc ...
Just help yourselves 

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gift ! ! !

The best gift you can give is a hug: 
One size fits all and no one ever minds if you return it.

PS: This might have been seen on orkut by a few people, btw I guess GOOGLE may have a pretty good reason FOR SHOWING ME THE SAME line everyday. Since they happen to know all of my ONLINE secrets

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What Men Want

This is a copy of what MysLykeMeeh has posted here

I should say very accurate, and something i hadn't come across till now
. . . . and hence the Ctrl+C  , Ctrl+V

What Men Want
Men in the world are men all over the world.

There are many classifications of men and what men want depends on each type of personalities. They have also preferences like women. They can be picky like women too, they can be ‘neat-freak’ as much as women and they can be mean too. Men are totally different form of ‘species’ compared to the opposite sex. Even though that there are slight similarities of characters between women, they are still different form of individuals.
  1. Most men want to have, a thing that they can call their own; personality of their own.
  2. They want freedom and a thought of being free. They like to control people too, especially their love ones but in someway they like being controlled.
  3. They want to feel loved and be loved.
  4. They like to be appreciated and to appreciate. They want to give and they want to receive.
  5. Not all men are pigs, they want to give respect, and be respected.
  6. They want to like someone who likes them back.
  7. They want someone who can trust them and someone who they can trust.
  8. They want the recognitions on the things that they do for their love ones and someone who will support and sort of inspiration to them.
  9. Mostly, men want someone who can lean unto them and someone who they can lean upon. Men are humans; they also feel the pain and the hurt. They may not show it but obviously it reflects to their face.
  10. They want somebody to share their emotions, feelings, and success. They want peace, so they like to give it to someone they trust and loved. They want you to believe in them.
Though, there are types of men who want to get everything and there are also types of men who just want to settle and contented for only small things. Men want to let you know that they exist. That’s why they toil hard, they work hard, they help you up, they create both sense and non-sense, and they give you everything even if it takes hard for them.

….because most men want to be a real man.

The Plan That's Got to Wait . . . .

I had a Nice Simple Plan
But Some have it bigger

I Don't mind it bigger, but it has something missing (the most important bit that i wanted to include)

There's another year. Another Time

Just Start Out Early, Before someone does...


Just convince a few people this year ...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Money . . . .

 I Have a strange realtionship with money, which i don't understand YET!!!

I never had to struggle for money, Been lucky to find it waiting for me on the streets.
Or get what i demanded, for the work i did.

A Little Correction,
I mostly understand my relationship, but not sure if i completely do.

As long as you are not Miserly with You/ur people . . . 
Major expenses stay away.

Birthday Season

Its that time of the year where Birthdays are celebrated back to back  . . . .

Just yesterday was WhenCUTdeep's 

With mine approaching, i just wish i get to spend some time with my closest pals...
And a few memories to go with it. . .

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

iPhone Tales . . . .

I have an iPhone,
What's the Big fuss, etc . . .
It has been sold in such huge numbers that...  
the Numbers justify a Whole Community to exist, and make new Software, OS etc for it

The Community reached a milestone

The Mid 20 Crisis . . .

^^Phone Rings^^

Ah!! a US number,  i'll be talking to someone (whom i haven't spoken to in a while).. Whose's Number is this ..

Me :  Hello
Ab :   Maccha!! XP CD key idhya . . . .  Boot Camp **** , VmWare  Bla bla bla

Me/Ab  :   SO!! Whazzup!!
Ab :  Gotaitha ***** got married, btw  ***** Gotha ninge
Me : Gotaitho, Orkut ide alwa  .... The girl is *** alwa

Just a tiny thought which got spawn'ed, which led to a small discussion

Nothing Much ....
Just a little "Common" things with all the "couples" who tied the knot
  • They knew their guy/girl for over 6 years (almost a decade in some cases)

A few highlits of the "Discussion"
  • Nodu maga nanu iddini,  inyenu 25 aithu nange (look @ me dude i'm almost 25 now)
  • Maga these guys had a lot of "planning"     "Exexution time"
  • ad yella bido, innu yaru sikkilvo (leave all that,  haven't found anyone .... all that will come later ... planning etc)
  • dude, you find someone.....  then there's still all the time that one has to put in ..... Simple mathematical  calculation......    Start now , and after that atleast 5-6 years... DOES NOT LOOK GOOD
  • Hey *****, modhlu yaradhru Sikbeko   (hey u have to find some one first, that think of all the other things)
This just a conversation between "Two Single Guys, in the middle of their Mid 20 Crisis" . . .


PS  :  This was just a NONsense conversation, to look back at and have a laugh @ our not so perfect lives . . .

A piece of "Infinite Wisdom"

  • People (parents or even the guy/girl whom u like) may not have a clue of what could be "possible"
  • If this is "possible"
  • OR, they might have several doubts, questions, fears  etc etc etc . . .

So What do you call THIS - showing that "Something is Possible"

Some call it Fair, some call it Manipulation  . . . .
Whatever it is, It is fine as long as the 2 people involved (assuming guy n gal)  know of it  & are fine with it.

In the end, it is them who have a promise to keep for a lifetime

Monday, December 01, 2008

Autographs . . .

Saying "goodbye" is something which i never did

I'm not talking about the Everyday Bye,  But the ones said on 
  • On the last day of school
  • On the last day of college
I am in contact with a few special Long Time Pals . . . . , even got back to a few

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   

I just never wanted to let go of my people, 

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   

I was freeing up some space (read throwing out some junk)  to move around in my room, while i did a little bit of study . . .

Came across

A collection of Autographs from the 70's  . belonging to my mom

It had me in tears  :-)

Need to get back to my books and meanwhile give mom's memories back to her .

Edited to add  :
I Choose to keep my friends with me . . .
I will make snapshots, and even collect some snapshots with/from people I meet along the road of my life.  (snapshots = Autographs or Anything which brings back memories)

For those who did not know :
I almost never took Autographs ...
I remember buying a Autograph book, but do not remember using it

I Let go of my Possessiveness