Thursday, December 03, 2009

GO OPEN (Bringing Free & Open Software to all)

Bringing Free & Open Software to all

This is a project i have taken up as a part of my SELP Program (where I am a Coach)
There are hundreds of projects which the Participants, their Coaches (like me) and even the Program Leader take up. The Little timer which shows the time at a signal for the lights to go green is a result of one such project.

The Objective of my Project is to
  • Take Open Software to EVERYONE
  • Most Open/Free is available for ZERO COST, the greater objective is to get/take a complete SUITE of Applications available in one place
  • We have something already available OPEN DISK (Ready Made)
  • This contains A Complete Suite of applications from Browsers, Media Players, Chat, Office Suite, Audio Editor, Games, etc. (almost an application for your every need).
  • Some Like TurboCash (an alternative or something comparable to tally) might be missing.
  • But I/We are here to put in the missing bits :-)
  • NOW Imagine
  • Regular People - Just getting their work done (For FREE)
  • Nerds (n WannaBE Nerds) - Can make a wonderful start to their careers looking into the code we normal wouldn't have wouldn't have no clue of.
  • Non-Geeks can even translate to have the interface available in local languages for EXAMPLE
  • The possibilities are endless . . .
  • There are more objectives
  • IS Distribution of Software is the only thing ?
  • What is the Concept of "OPEN" ?
  • What is available, Who can contribute, Can i Just Use
  • Wikipedia, Google Wave (something from the same philosophy)
  • For ME
  • Its a passion
  • A passion which i can use as an excuse to keep in touch with my friends.
  • Don't Know What else :-)

BTW : This project is not mine; ITS OURS 

This post will be constantly EDITED to reflect changes made by me/others on GOOGLE-WAVE
Just leave a comment to get involved :-)

i'll do something about the formatting soon (bullets / indent), as of now this is a copy paste with a little loss of formatting


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Unknown said...

Thanks a Lot :-)

I'll just check it out & Include it.

Nancy said...

This sounds awesome! Love it.

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Thanks for the info!