Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sleeping Protest

If bangalore shutting down by 10p.m was not enough, we now hav e our highways closing shop much early now.

So just tonight I was returning back to Bengaluru after a funeral. I left late to miss the trafic on mysore road..

I wad in for a rude shock to find out my regular pit-stop Mc-D was closed. This place was a real convinient mid way bathroom (snack n drink for me) break for my older co-travellers.

The nxt shocker was to find d 24x7 CCD closed (KFC had a little chicken left though)

POINT is this, this will get much worse over time, a break after a few hours of driving is necessary (my last night sleep was 3hrs).

Now the rel question is this ?? Which laws apply to Barista ??
Greasing d machinary ??

My silent protest,
Upon entering Bangalore, I gave the cops at the checkpost/point to look after my makeshift nap room
Aka my car

With my complaint for a necessity voiced out.

Time to get crearive and take this on big time and get some results..

Stay tuned ...

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