Monday, November 26, 2007

Pollution @ 12.97 N 77.56 E

Somewhere in some newspaper today i saw . . . .
SPM (suspended particulate matter) toooooo high in Bangalore
Well above the INDIAN Levels/Standards
Indian Standards are way higher than WHO Levels, Bla Bla Bla

My experience(OBSERVATIONS)when i took my 7 year old bike for a Emission test

  1. The operator typed in 1.5 and some other number (350 something) on screen.
  2. The Gas Meter (or whatever its known by)WAS OFF the LCD on it was blank
  3. The Numbers d operator typed were magically same as d ones which got printed
  4. before u ask, he typed even before inserting that pipe of his . . .

On my way back, i stopped went to a Traffic cop, took the emission certificate, and told him what happened, HE just told me to Chill (or maybe he thinks this bike which rips around town @ at least twice the speed limit and and slows down to LEGAL speeds before i can press LOCK on my RADAR, HAS to be well tuned)

thats a very old story, i was caught over speeding long back with a friend twice my size, i had slowed down to 59kmph before he locked me on, . . . . . . . though he was impressed with my ability to handle a 150cc bike with my former SMALL build I am not that much of a rash driver, but definitely a SPEED FREAK.

Well i did go to another station, got another test done. . .

But i miss the times when my bike would just refuse to throw up a reading of "CO" a few years back . . . . . . a reading of 0.06 or 0.1 was would momentarily show. . . . The testing guys had to wait to hit print, he he he
I'd walk out with a big smile
My machine does look a little rusty, but still makes 3 digit numbers on d speedo even now..

i've graduated on to a Tata Indigo now . . . . a Wonderful InterCooled TurboCharged diesel,
but nothing compares to my Silent performer, my Shiny Silver CBZ :)
PS: i even called up a Employee of the "Times of India", never got a call back, Guess they r more interested in those stupid crappy stuff they print

Dear Bangaloreans

  • Avoid Indian Oil outlets (they have d latest tricks to divert your attention)
  • Indian Oil Outlet @ madhavan park, in Jayanagar
    (go there to get a FAKE EMISSION CERTIFICATE)
  • i've Seen . . . .
    • SHELL follow strict rules/procedures
    • Reliance (i don't like d company's practices)
    • HP Getting better, i see a lot of improvement in them
    • BP is good, but experience across different stations varies
    • IOC, gettin better at their con ideas

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