Wednesday, August 15, 2007

BiRd Watching @ Lalbag Part - 2

BUSTED ! ! !
The Great Photography team caught in the act . . .

The beautiful flowers, fresh air, scenery, people, laughter, fun, exercise and of course the “BiRdS” of Lalbag were so compelling that Venkat’s Camera set out on a new quest
BiRd Watching @ Lalbag Part - 2
this time with a couple of new people who were impressed big time with our first edition.

This is What happened when we set out with KitKat's
Sony Cybershot H5 Camera.
Having 7.2 Mega Pixels Sensor, 12x Optical ZooM, etc etc etc.
Made it to Lalbag at around 6.30 in the Morning.

We were caught in the act
NOT Just Once ....... but
.... But ...... but if u are lost on what really went on
& wondering who is this weird GiRL donning this huge SmiLe on her face

Why we we have put up a Pic of being a caught in the act

NO!! NO!!! NO!!!! She is not happy that she got a good snap of the “BiRd Watchers”
And made us post the pics of all our MisDeeds
Sorry!!! for the Let down. Nothing Spicy here,

Just welcome my Guitar Class friends.
Seema from my Guitar class, me and our Sumanth Sir, The teacher for d day..

On Photography (not BiRd Watching), and definitely not another Guitar Class.

By d Philosopher. . . . .

To his Disciples . . .
For d day . . .
In the Classroom . . .
On the Subject . . .

Ok!! Ok!! let take a break and move on to a couple of lessons . . .

Another break from d usual Birds, bees, bla bla flowers,
to pics ;)

(in alphabetical order, PS: we tried all orders to get our photogenic friend on d top)

The tall eligible bachelor, whom every girl falls for

And Finally... ( $!*#! Escaped being on top)

PS: People who have fallen for any body above, just leave a comment, we may actually get back to you.

Let me just call up . . .
Hello MoM ! ! !

Now that we r in Xtra Time (thanks to mom)

No Birds yet, let’s just settle with d bee . . .

Meanwhile lets just also meet our Long Distance runner . . . .

Before we get back to the flowers

Let's rest for a while. . . .

we still have our Obsession with Empty Benches . . .
Stumped ! ! ! i'm tired of all d benches
I wonder what thoughts he may have in his Head ? SUDDENLY

Back to our Blog's new OFFICIAL StaR Attraction . . .

Leader of d laughter club . . .
Just tired of Laughing
She just loves to Pose . . .
Hey!!! Seema, we came here to capture d flower show REMEMBER!

Definitely much better Now ....

Better head home before Seema gets angry...

Thanks to
Venkat (for d camera), Sumanth (for all d Lessons),
Seema (for Demanding a Part-2), Sukla (Me obviously for making it happen)

The pictures in this particular post, is a collection of a couple of visits to Lalbag. I/We were disappointed with the flower show inside the Glass House.
Due to the missing Screens the flowers dried up and looked lifeless this time, also what we missed were the rains, which kept the flowers full of life.

Big Cheers to the Horticulture Department,WE enjoyed and everyone who saw our pictures loved them.
There are several instances where people just could not believe our Lalbag in Namma Bengalooru is so beautiful.
A big thanks to every one @ Lalbag. You Have done an Amazing job this time :-)

Just have a look at these collections also.

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