Thursday, December 14, 2006

Splendor of Hampi!!

Another of my vain efforts to capture the spendor of hampi the same yashica electro 35.
After the sringeri trip i took the cam to a class trip to kodai and did giv a lot of ppl the imression tht i was some kick ass photographer!! lol... too much experimentation led to sad photos...and most grp photos got stuck in one roll which got cut inside...and all tht was left was a few sad photos!! Nevertheless i decided to try my hand at using tht cam again this time in hampi wen i went on a trip to Pavans place in toranagalu....
Well one of the main glitches when one has a cam is the itch to capture every thing and every moment!! and tht wud b "a momentary lapse of reason"... ;)

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