Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Deep Dark World . . .

La Vida tagged me into this…
The Wait is Finally Over (MY FIRST TIME BEING TAGGED.... it was bound to happen some time or the other, so was actually waiting for this ..... and finally )

So here goes

  1. I have this huge urge to Talk Talk Talk. Having "HAD" a lack of people around, ended up with a Constant Chatter inside my head.... I Keep Talking to Myself 24x7. (update : well it has reduced significantly after I got a handful of real real trustworthy fRiEnDs who get to hear about my deepest of thoughts REGULARLY (whether they want it or not)
  2. I am very judgemental of people {I just figure out what this person is, almost instantly .... I Trust OR Exercise Caution } and I AM EXTREMELY CHOOSY about my friends. The people I have trust(ed,ing) most, I have trusted them ever since the first time I saw them (including a friend whose name I came to know only after taking to every week for a few months.... PS 2 d Friend : Maga the "Line in my Head" the first time when I saw you "Hmm!! One person whom I will keep talking to for a long long time..... But when do we first talk??? Hmmm" ... Well almost exact reconstruction of my thoughts ... )
  3. I am bad at remembering Names, Especially when I meet too many people in a short span of time MY AGE OLD TRICK - " hey give ur phone No. - ..... Enter Ur Name [giving d phone/Book] I dont want to make a "SPELLING MISTAKE".
  4. I remember VOICES of people, even people i havent met in years.
  5. I have a Huge liking for Good Shirts, .... Hate to spend money to buy Slippers, But always ready for Shoes/Sneakers.
  6. I am a little stingy (I walk upto 10-15 kms at times to save Money). Think a Zillion times before a rupee leaves my hand.. And forget about it once it does... ( I hate CoffeeDay or similar places... and am at total ease at the local Pani Puri / Bonda / Vada Gadi(s) ..... basically if spend money at any place - I HAVE TO GET BACK ENOUGH VALUE IN TERMS OF "Quality time, I get with the people I am there with".
  7. I love Adventure, Si-Fii, Action, Romantic ( but not tooo senti senti ) movies ......... But hate NoBrainers ...
  8. I Really Wish Mom was a little selfish and cared more for herself. ( She has undergone a lot of pain to to bring up Me & My Bro )... { i do not want to support her to stay back and go through more of the torture.... I do not want to stay here, and not sure what I will do if mom refuses to leave the "Mess" behind }
  9. I used to hate my life (of what I had seen my entire life), and somebody actually messed up the whole "Scary Image" I had, and brought out this hope (i would say Belief) that I can actually be "Happy" ....
  10. I had never in my earlier life, imagined myself doing creative espeically with words.... ( I was actually surprised when I came up with this, PS: This Version has been Edited)

In fear we live, think we live.
But in fear we die.
In Trust we live
We Do Live, Live Life

In fear we shrink, in fear blinded
In Trust we Bloom, in Trust we Open
For when in Trust, We are Who We actually ARE

I Guess I have More to tell, but will keep it for some people who are very speial to me....
Hmm!! Wait Not before I Tag... SiMi, Sunil, Kalam, WASA (Basically to wake up some people)


La vida Loca said...

yay!!! u did it

La vida Loca said...

yay!!! u did it

Whencutdeep said...

Macha...watay tag!! well written esp #10...