Monday, December 19, 2011

Reaching 30

I'm not that old yet, will be soon one shy of the dreaded number  ...

This is not my rant (but an excuse to) for turning older but a reply to my best friend about, ahem ... you know what

Just hold on, It's not so bad

I'm 29 (will be, but dear why do you have to push that number than what it really is and get me even more scared of mine). See the second line (no use da, how much ever I try to hide that kid, he just shows up). and some correction Tom & Jerry is really big big on content, logic creativity and one needs to grow up more to get the beauty of it (Rx: Watch all the shows every year to get a new perspective and if possible add Calvin & Hobbes to your daily must reads if they aren't already there)

Reaching 30 I've realised my fear of making a wrong decision and a even greater fear of reaching 60 (which my parents have) of letting your loved one making a mistake or even letting them do. I've learnt to own up (that small detour actually wasted more fuel and time than it should have saved) and to grow younger (and showing off my ability to better than the guys from the 50's). Dear friend, be bold, be ready to fail, and win - Take charge its your turn to be the head of the family and we know you will be a better one over a period of time.

Reaching 30, I have spent my days, and there's no looking back . I see others and say "My numbers are not so great as their's", and hear them say "go the secure way" and a few say "wow" (ah! if they only knew). Its not just me, its my dreams at stake here and I need someone say "I'm with you". It's not just me any-more . Just me was fine, but being responsible & accountable to others is a lot more scary.

Reaching 30 and faced with the prospect of multiple responsibilities, we are big, we are good, we are able, lets just take what comes our way. Its time to priorities and leave behind unwanted burdens. (Dear Friend, you may not have been to an Australia or a Germany but being here you are sending (paying for) your loved ones to go see places. You are way ahead as a Human in in this world of competition)

Reaching 30, and looking at someone's profile go from Committed >> Engaged >> Married and missing them for their lack of time, the only solace I find is when their kid's call up to say "Hi, Drop by home" and I finally get to see my friends after their marriage. The Kids ever so happy to see you and give you a Hug and they are done, only to go play with their sibling (and yes and now I get to talk to my friends at the kitchen). Dear Friend, wait till you see the little ones do sweet things to see happy friends around their parents.

Reaching 30, I just say even I'm irritated by it and on top of it I have to even end up hearing planning on by when to have kids (you'll be 50 someday, make sure your kids are in college by then) ... Guys let me at-least scratch out that single status ... forget the major major scares.

Reaching 30, The Basement now houses a mini gym - yet its still hard to hit it often. A decent workout increases my appetite for some good food - in turn a responsibility to help out in the kitchen later. and am left drained out without proper Khana ... man its a mess and a small pot belly is a small compromise which is written off as a sigh of prosperity.

Reaching 30, My DSLR lives in my car, rarely gets used. My guitar faces a similar fate. I just need a buddy who can join me and share my interest in all the little things I do, My friends are who kept my hobbies going. I am badly in need of one (Dear Friend, make some time and join me - we can make new friends and join some for the fun we used to have. Yes! Coding is just one small part of life and its a new hobby of mine now.

Reaching 30, I have just thankful to have a friend like you, for bearing with me from the time I was almost 27, it's a tough time I know, but regardless of what changes or stays - its well worth a journey to make. There is Hope in you and the best thing you can ever have any anything anybody can give. and true like you said "With a good Attitude towards Life, Age is just a Number" !!!

Dedicated to my best friend,
Maga u ROCK !!

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