Tuesday, October 29, 2013

For the one who wonders why he is ignored. . . .

A walk, a run, a mile, a race. Whatever you call it like. A journey it is, A journey of choice.
A journey it is all that we make, A journey it is common to us all,
A journey nothing but a travel through life.

A journey has its joys, A journey has its sprains. A moment or in whole labelled by a choice.
A choice I say it is for it either can be one. It can be the either one, for it is what I choose to say.

The choice in the journey is not just a point in space, it is what defines the journey you just made.

Choices Choices Choices, Thinking of a man to choose what I can call him as.
A choice to label you as. A person not to be, or an example of what not to be.
But where was my lesson of what to be and be and example for others to be.

You ask me as to why you get ignored by me. But are you really worth my time.
Are you really keen for change.

My lessons expect respect for you, A lesson am ready to let go for a place in hell.

Why this pain, why this say. A question many more you may seek.
A question many you seek, but never stand in a place and say I caused this.


These are a few words for whom I care a rat's ass for. I have my reasons to hate him, reasons for him to just wither and die. With a disgust of to just know you, feel a burn in even a hear of a name.

You did what you did, none of which I approve of. None of which I even wanted to know.

I've head you say, sounds that make me wish never was I born.
But really what is you are out to do, Are these things a human would ever do.
There are men far worse, but you shame my name.


Life is a journey of choices I said . . .
Can really I make a choice for a chance. A forgiveness and a chance, but is he willing I stop to ask
A chance to take

I see the choices I chose not to take. A coward have I been - not to take a stand, a stand for people twice my height.

A chance I have to set things right.
A chance for which am I really too late.

A journey through choices, where I share a thought whether to give a chance.
A journey through choices where I can choose to set things right
For choices waiting to be made for a when where and how