Sunday, July 20, 2008

Virginity . . . and a few other thoughts

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I first came across this topic among a bunch of classmates...
Hmmm I remember this very "vocal" person who wanted every girl in this world to "be modern" .... SORRY!!! CORRECTION!!! Look Modern to his eyes , be horny etc etc..
EXCEPT FOR !!! ONE !!! fortunate/unfortunate lady who would one day have to be his wife.

Oh!! he calls its it "Be Modern"
But my version of Modern is different ... I like these >> definitions << better And so the correction.

Well here I was >>lost in thoughts about pushing this "Vocal Guy" from the top floor<< among a bunch of People I was barely managing to tolerate (I never liked these college mates of mine, who always had something to talk about my ***** etc etc ... a few feet behind my back, where I could still hear them whispering) ....
Each of them making unanimously making a single statement "That their wife has to be a virgin" and suddenly its my turn to repeat the statement.
So here I was planning a murder or should I say "Accident", making calculations on the force required to push this guy off the railing ..... and "BooM" it's my turn

So "Hmmm!!!" Stunned by my situation I somehow manage to ask myself the "Question"
. . . . . . . And realise I Really Don't care about that . . . .
Gave my answer and got those "Looks" ....

Long story short, those were the circumstances which woke up the curiosity in me on
"The Issue about a piece of Tissue"
So the usual me, did a fact search . . . . Library, Encyclopaedia, Internet (WikiPedia searches came much much later)

Moving on to me, I am always at ease with "People who can think", something which follows me even to this day... Then I Like activities (I Definitely am a little geeky, but still I love to sweat it out and do quite often)...
So Being Independent, Genuine Thinking, Creative, Assertive (but not bossy,,, U get Bossy over me, I beat u to Pulp... Simple) .... etc etc etc are some of the traits of people who make it to be my "Best Friends" .........
And I see Marriage/Relationship as a "Commitment in life long Journey with friendship" (to put it in simple terms... responsibility for each other and a few other funky funky words do come in somewhere)

This is something which caught my attention
(Oh!! btw i always a sucker for scientific facts and already knew some activities did something to the all important "tissue" .... all my readings later on was to just confirm from many sources to my fruitless effort to "explain" it to my "friends")
So the all important test wasn't a test after all

If the "View" guys have is one part of the story i have heard, there others "from both the sides" ..... Like fondling, ***jobs and some nice nice activities are not "Exactly Sex" ..... Whoa!!! "Not Exactly Sex" ......

Just Wondering . . . . .
If all the souls with great (Double) expectations met with fake *****
LoL .... Serves them good

About Me / My stand
1> I think i am "one person" types
2> I will tell tell about my past crush(es) (there is hardly anything to mention but still)
3> I would like to hear if there is/was anything serious (than coming as a surprise from someone else)
4> Something more about me >> imp's mom last comment in this post, I definitely agree on the "Conditioning" thing, I definitely have it..
5> My rules are for me to follow, not to enforce on others.... (I do advice on things like smoking, and expect others to follow the bare minimum, but I guess its OK!! he he he)


Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to know tht u feel this way(although I already knew). Unfortunately most ppl have the madonna/whore complex and it is v v hard to work through it.

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Greatt reading this