Monday, March 24, 2008

Holi Long Long AGO ! ! !

Holi in College ! ! ! ! !
Was Rather Boring as We had to Be in Class :((
Fun coz our Lecturers were not there to Take Class ! ! ! :-D
So There we were Smeared in Colours,
Pulling in our friends who were running away from the CoLoUrS
A Truce Later, We decided for a Snap in ALL OUR Colours

So There we Stand In All Possible Shades
IN Walks our Placement Officer through one of the Doors
& d Administrative Officer through the OTHER


We Got our Leave, to Celebrate Holi !!!
Who cared if was called "Suspended for a DAY"


Solitaire said...

I loved the colors in this post!!

Very Holi-like!

Unknown said...

@solitare : Thank U

La vida Loca said...

holi not my favourite festival :(

Unknown said...

I have loved the Fun of holi ...
Sadly can count my Holi experiences in one hand