Sunday, March 23, 2008

Malgudi Days . . .

I had been too caught up all the lovely things a Great City like Bengalooru had to offer . . . Complete with Tensions, Traffic, crappy schedules, what not . . . . . .

Decided to get out of the "City" and even after an hour after of pulling in the BOYS and on the road i was like "Where do we go . . . I have been driving!!! I'm Hungryy , Waaahhh!!!! "

We landed @ the Village
US: We'll Have a Chicken......
d guy with d PDA: Sir No NON-Veg, Empty Sir :-( , . . . only Veg Items
US: Let's check with d veggi guys outside . . .
(we starting to walk out)
d guy with d PDA: 1 sec sir, Let me check with the Kitchen
Belli: For what, LEFTOVERS
d guy with d PDA: YES Sir, 1 Sec !!!

Ba Byeeeeeee ! ! ! ! ! ! !

So off we went in search of another restaurant...
Hey He said this is GOOD, & this Guy said This Place is nice . .
Oh!! btw were is This & That Place . . .

Finally landing @ some place. . .
Finding it Horribly Expensive,
Somehow deciding to eat there, without liking the pricey menu . . . .

Chicken Soup - (Chicken boiled in Rasam, LoL)
Besi Bele bath - (with traces of Salt)
(we had edible food, but btw just mentioned d 2 Nice ones)

having looked @ pple trying to eat Raggi Mudde with a Fork

We finally paid the bill,
stepped out of the Wonderful restaurant,
Changed the board to read "Sorry we are CLOSED".

And Got the Cheap thrill to see Families Surprised to see their Favourite Restaurant Malgudi Days "CLOSED" and walk to the next ONE!!!!!

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