Saturday, March 29, 2008

Worth Having a look At

P*** one of my best pals n more of a Big Sis from my **** gang came up with a Wonderful post. (she wishes to be anonymous in the blogosphere)
Would like to mention its not just limited to women, but men too . . . .

This is the time where i am having a re look into all my friends around me..
(PS: for the people who find me keeping in touch regularly ... there is a lot in you i see and believe in, and see worth having as a friend for a lifetime)

I do not want to segregate men/women
I love to achieve a LOT in my life , and keep my values intact ...
I Love to be surrounded by such people

Probably would go to take the extra step in helping someone with a potential to take that EXTRA/FIRST step


La vida Loca said...

First of all thanks a lot...
U are v importsnt in my life and you know that right?

Hadn't thought about men and you are v v right. U guys need to reconcile, gender identity, years of programing form everywhere and your own heart.

Unknown said...

Hey P***
everyone has the potential and their own individuality ...

I just look at it that way

(i think its fair to give you ladies a little more respect and keep a little more space... that much discrimination i do.... that apart i just treat and see everyone equal.... AND boys will be boys with all our crap)

he he he
btw on getting a little insight of a little GiRl Gossip, i feel most of my friends (Sukla's close friends, i dont know about others, LoL) ..... are a lot better than most decent of girls....

PS: pple keep a look on urselves when i keep silent and let u all do the talking...

Imp's Mom said...

Guys and discriminated? hmmm.... never thought about it!

Unknown said...

@imp mom

Discriminated : well i am not sure what meaning you got (if not a discrimination based on sex i am talking of, i have seen a little at the receiving end though for different reasons/issues)

What i was thinking of :
is the whole concept of "Modern"...
i meant even guys need to change their thinking. I have one standard for everyone (i hate it when some of my so called friends come with one standard they want to see on some girl they see on the road..... and one for whom they want to marry)
there is one one difference i maintain though
the society i live in kind of has too many crappy standards for different people -
So if its a guy i probably would give this friend a big Hug / keep my hand over his shoulder
But i meet a girl, who is e even better friend of mine, it still be a hand shake
i kind of deliberately maintain some distance.
i kind of automatically do, don't know if its right or wrong... but i do

Imp's Mom said...

hmmm...i did get you differently...i came from reading all the posts related to la vida loca's and assumed you were talking of the same.

I think the distance we maintain is because we do not want them(girls or guys) to get the wrong impression and plus we have been so deeply conditioned that we have to maintain distance(i think its ingrained in us), that even if we want to break it, we feel real guilty about doing so.

Unknown said...

Ya kind of totally agree with you. .

Don't know if i feel it like guilt, but the "sudden concious" about the situation does come up