Monday, October 27, 2008

Passive Life.

Was there ever a time when you missed/lacked a few emotions in life.
Do you have that strange calmness, when you should have been upset/angry/depressed.

I\we Love being happy, full of energy, having thing go the way we want to. But the obvious lives we have, is it anywhere close to how we want it to be.

Do we really know "just exactly" life should have been for us to be Bindass, Bubbly, Happy, Carefree, Funny 24x7 ??

this strange state/phase I have been through   ( or am i still in ? )

What is it ?

Is it Alright ?

It's Kinda strange,

I am numb (this Bloody life ***  *** *** ***, I am strong , I can take on MORE )

Just who the hell are you trying to be . . . .


I noticed myself "AVOIDING".

Future, Possibilities, Risk, Fear, Pain . . . .


Ok Ok Ok!!   just enough to get the thoughts running. Rest of the talk goes to the comments page.

I see RED dots springing up all over the world map on this blog (indicating my beloved readers)

A Happy Diwali to ALL of You :-)

Last but not least, my THANKS to my dear pal, to whom I asked
Me        :   "Do you let go of emotions/anger once in a while ??"
Friend  :   "Don't Know I have become kind of Passive of late"
There  goes "Passive Life", this is how i came up with the title of this post.

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