Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Enjoy Madi

Enjoy Madi
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Reading all the comments for "Enjoy Madi".....  Hmm!! Whats d Big deal, Bloody even i use it once in a while.... Oh!!! btw i have seen people getting MORE irritated for something else that i do.

Me & one of my best friends call each other as "Maga", Its just too easy (comfortable) than using our names...

I know "Maga" means SON/MY KID.

But "Maga" in slang, at least for me has a different meaning,
  • It has love in it  ( you don't call someone u hate as maga  ....  parents do love their children  .... Logic Understand Madi   a.k.a  Dhayavittu Artha Madkoli   )
  • Its generally used with someone you consider as a EQUAL to you.
Well, its the EQUAL (ok a combination of Equal, Someone Close, Friend etc etc....  its just what i feel & i have no reason to dissect and find out what exactly i feel)

I Missed Something,
I Call HER maga, & SHE calls me maga
 . . . . . . . .    & people go Arrrrrrrgh!!! on her side of the phone, & I give that "What Happened??" look the people on my side.

Maga, Maccha, Bob  ( used by me, once in a while - courtesy WhenCutDeep), dude, sir    . . .  etc

In what "context" do we/YOU use these names  ??
Think about all the lovely people in your life  & Smile :-)

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La vida Loca said...

i don't hahahhah
adjust maadi!