Thursday, November 27, 2008

I have a promise to keep . . .

You asked "Will you stick to your plan"

I Said "I will"

Something Unsaid :-
The Worst Way I can let you down/hurt you, is by "NOT Keeping a Commitment for MYSELF"
The Worst Way you can let me down/hurt me "Letting Circumstances/others run your Life"

I really have no clue, if I have conveyed what I wanted to say,
Let me put it this way . . .
You kill me each time you :-
Give up on something you want
Deny a Possibility for yourself

btw I had been a little nosey of late, 

I'm learning to walk . . .
I have my Crawls . . . Walks . . . . Falls
Will me a While Before I RUN
But Run I Will . . .  and will keep on Running

PS:  This is just directed at one particular person.
         Others please ignore. 

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