Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Mid 20 Crisis . . .

^^Phone Rings^^

Ah!! a US number,  i'll be talking to someone (whom i haven't spoken to in a while).. Whose's Number is this ..

Me :  Hello
Ab :   Maccha!! XP CD key idhya . . . .  Boot Camp **** , VmWare  Bla bla bla

Me/Ab  :   SO!! Whazzup!!
Ab :  Gotaitha ***** got married, btw  ***** Gotha ninge
Me : Gotaitho, Orkut ide alwa  .... The girl is *** alwa

Just a tiny thought which got spawn'ed, which led to a small discussion

Nothing Much ....
Just a little "Common" things with all the "couples" who tied the knot
  • They knew their guy/girl for over 6 years (almost a decade in some cases)

A few highlits of the "Discussion"
  • Nodu maga nanu iddini,  inyenu 25 aithu nange (look @ me dude i'm almost 25 now)
  • Maga these guys had a lot of "planning"     "Exexution time"
  • ad yella bido, innu yaru sikkilvo (leave all that,  haven't found anyone .... all that will come later ... planning etc)
  • dude, you find someone.....  then there's still all the time that one has to put in ..... Simple mathematical  calculation......    Start now , and after that atleast 5-6 years... DOES NOT LOOK GOOD
  • Hey *****, modhlu yaradhru Sikbeko   (hey u have to find some one first, that think of all the other things)
This just a conversation between "Two Single Guys, in the middle of their Mid 20 Crisis" . . .


PS  :  This was just a NONsense conversation, to look back at and have a laugh @ our not so perfect lives . . .

A piece of "Infinite Wisdom"

  • People (parents or even the guy/girl whom u like) may not have a clue of what could be "possible"
  • If this is "possible"
  • OR, they might have several doubts, questions, fears  etc etc etc . . .

So What do you call THIS - showing that "Something is Possible"

Some call it Fair, some call it Manipulation  . . . .
Whatever it is, It is fine as long as the 2 people involved (assuming guy n gal)  know of it  & are fine with it.

In the end, it is them who have a promise to keep for a lifetime


MysLykeMeeh said...

Lol:_) --two single guys in midst of their mid 20 crisis? A single's dilemma? Hahha...

well...it will fall into it's own place. i don't get worried about it...single has a lot of fun!

take care!

Unknown said...

We are not complaining . . .

We Just Crib/rant just because there is nothing else to do ...

Being single leaves us with a lot of time to spare :)

Shooting the breeze said...

lol :), I guess almost everyone at their mid 20's will crib on this matter.. and almost everyone will end the conversation with 'I am happy to be single' ;)

- another single!

btw, first time here.. vl visit again soon.

Unknown said...

@Shooting the Breeze
I Agree its a Universal Conversation :)

:(( I could not have a look @ ur Blog ... I need a Invitation

Shooting the breeze said...

@ Sukla,
I am more like a passive user here. I don't write.
PS: I will send u an invitation as and when I start writing...